We work with lots of clients to find the ideal candidate for their marketing jobs in Bedford and we are always amazed how many people don’t realise why they need a job in marketing or how useful a job in marketing can be to their career and their future.

Job Diversity

Marketing jobs in Bedford offer so much diversity because it is such a creative profession; you’ll be doing lots of different things including social media, advertising, blogs, emails, affiliate marketing, newsletters, branding and so much more. You’ll be able to trial and test marketing strategies and marketing avenues to find the best strategies for the business.

Connecting with People

You’ll be connecting with loads of people when you work in marketing too as you need to come up with different ways of convincing your target audience to purchase from your business, while also predicting how customers may react and your customer’s behaviour to adverts and contact. Marketing is all about people.

Changing Industry

This century is the period of change, there is no doubt about it. The marketing industry is extremely innovative and always changing which means a role in marketing will only aid you in your future careers. Working in marketing makes you think outside the box and come up with new options and approaches for new problems. These skills are very useful to all businesses and all industries.

Room for Progression

There is loads of room for progression when you work in marketing because there will often be two sides to the marketing coin; the client side and the agency side. You may start out as a marketing assistant for a client, but as you grow and learn you can climb the next rung of the ladder to become a marketing coordinator. Alternatively, you could work for an agency and work in different roles such as project management, public relations and such like. If you have talent and drive then you could really progress in a career in marketing.


We touched on it before when talking about innovation and constant changes, but it is a really important point. Marketing is vital to business and is needed by all industries. Almost every commercial and public company across the globe need marketing and the quality of that marketing often determines the success or failure of a business. Every business needs good marketing to succeed which allows someone with a marketing background to pretty much choose which industry and business they want to work for.

Multiple Opportunities

We spoke about the progression opportunities in marketing, but there is also a chance to boost your potential earnings by working in marketing. Marketing professionals are in high demand and this has resulted in some lucrative salary expectations. Salaries for those working in marketing are up from last year and if you choose to move up within the industry you will find your salary could rise even more. A marketing director, for example, could earn an average of £80,000 per annum.

If you’re considering marketing jobs in Bedford and you’d like to know more about the opportunities we have available then please contact us directly.