Why Candidates Should Use Us

  • Carter Recruitment has significant specialised experience of placing sales and marketing professionals so we are very well connected, and often the first to hear of opportunities within a company’s sales or marketing department. We spend the vast majority of our time networking in your market, speaking to the best candidates and organisations. This presents you with a far greater view across the market and knowledge about potential positions that will not reach the public domain. We therefore have access to a greater number of vacancies than you might otherwise know about.
  • Many of our clients prefer to use us and benefit from our knowledge of sales and marketing talent rather than to advertise themselves. This saves them time and brings in a wider range of high quality potential candidates.
  • We will interview you so we that better understand your experience and strengths, and crucially your personality and career aspirations. We encourage you from the start to be open with us about what salary you are looking for, how far you are willing to travel to work in what type of role you want to do and if there are any jobs that you wouldn’t do, or any types of companies you wouldn’t work for so that we can present opportunities to you that fit your profile and meet your expectations. We can explore the market for you confidentially so that you can remain under the radar until a suitable opportunity has been identified.
  • We will guide you on how you can improve your CV meaning that your candidacy will be presented with the maximum impact.
  • Once registered with us, we are transparent with you about whom we are recruiting for at any given time. We provide detailed information on appropriate opportunities so that you can make an informed decision on whether you wish to be shortlisted. We shall never send your CV to a client without gaining your permission first, so you are ultimately in control of whom has your details.
  • At each stage we are able to speak to the Recruiting Manager directly about your suitability and highlight your strengths. Clients trust our advice and recommendations.
  • We are committed to helping you be fully prepared for the interview. Given the strength of our network, we are in a position to provide you with a unique insight into the company, the culture, and the vacancy itself beyond what is outlined in a job specification. We will provide you with advice on potential challenging questions or situations.
  • We shall keep you informed throughout the selection process and will seek to get detailed feedback from the Recruiting Manager after your interview. Our aim is to ensure the whole process runs as smoothly and as timely as possible for you.
  • We offer salary advice and help you secure financially what you’re really worth. See our Salary Review

  • It’s a completely FREE service to candidates to help ensure that you have the best chance possible of securing the most suitable opportunity for your sales and marketing career to progress in the direction you choose.

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