Have you been thinking about going into sales? There are many job roles in sales you could look at. Our sales recruitment agency in Buckinghamshire will assist you in finding the best position for you!


Sales Executive

Being a sales executive makes you an essential point of contact between the business and the customers. In this point of contact, the sales executive will need to offer advice and answers any questions customers may have. The day-to-day tasks that would be required in this role would be reviewing the sales performance and organising sales visits, meeting both monthly and annual goals while attending conferences and managing new customers.


Area Sales Manager

In this role, you will be responsible for the sales operations and keep the sales team organised. Some responsibilities of this role will include things such as meeting set sales targets, increasing business opportunities by looking into new markets and maintain a strong customer base and build upon it. You will also be involved in the recruitment and training of new sales staff.


Business Development Manager

A business development manager has quite a few responsibilities. Their main ones include things such as looking for new sales leads, pitching goods and services to customers or company’s and maintaining strong and valued relationships with customers. On a daily, you may be required to research businesses and prepare PowerPoints for conferences and meetings.


Account Manager

As an account manager, you will be in charge of a lot of accounts and will be in contact with many of the company’s clients. Motivational skills will be necessary as you’ll need to encourage others and yourself to reach the high sales targets. Alongside this, you will be required to have impeccable customer service skills where you can provide huge amounts of support to customers and build strong relationships.


Sales Representative

A sales representative sells goods, services and retail products to consumers. As a sales representative, you’ll also be required to look for sales leads (to branch out your sales) and looking for client referrals. Occasionally, you may also be needed to be a part of phone sales where you’d call potential customers to try and get a sale.

If you’re good at convincing people to buy a product or good, then sales is for you!


If sales isn’t for you, check out jobs in marketing! Our marketing recruitment agency in Buckinghamshire has knowledgeable, friendly and experienced employees who will help you find a job that makes you look forward to Monday’s.