Marketing is an essential part of a company’s success. It’s what presents the business to the public, having good adverts and designs will indicate a positive image of the business enabling it to grow and diversify into different markets. A marketing jobs in Bedford will help you find a career in marketing that you’ll enjoy and be desperate to progress in.


Digital Marketing

As technology and software improve, the world of digital marketing is becoming stronger and more popular. Here are three areas of digital marketing that will provide you with multiple skills and a great amount of experience.



The way a business’s website looks is very important as its the website that portrays the business online. Not only would you need to ensure the website looks welcoming and professional, but everything the company represents needs to give off the same impression to show the business in a good light.


Content Marketing

In content marketing, you’re required to write articles for different companies enabling you to learn a vast amount of facts about different services. As a content marketer, you will also be required to write up the content for a website.  



A search engine optimisation role will require you to do keyword research to optimise a website’s content and increase their ranking on search engines. Alongside this, you will also be monitoring the search results and search performance of the selected business.



Before the digital era, marketing wasn’t internet based. Businesses were marketing themselves through areas such as adverts, posters and public relations. Despite the introduction of digital marketing, these areas are still very important. Here are three areas of marketing you could explore!



Do you ever watch the TV, see an advert and think to yourself ‘I could’ve done a better job than that’? Then look at a career in advertising! Engage with customers by producing TV and radio adverts or by writing adverts for newspapers and magazines.


Market Research

In a market research role, you will be required to explore the market of a selected business. Finding out the consumers needs and shopping habits through the means of marketing techniques such as surveys and focus groups.   


Public Relations

Manage the reputation of the business and maintain a good level of communication between a business, its consumers, employees and the media. Being in public relations, you will need to develop and implement strategies to help boost a business and allow it to grow.


There are many areas of marketing to build a career in. If you like the sound of doing marketing, then marketing recruitment in Hertfordshire will be able to help and find you a career you’ll enjoy.