Do you wake up each morning excited to go to work? Or do you wake up dreading the week ahead of you?

If you are the second person, then we can help! Our sales recruitment in Hertfordshire is a team of specialised workers who search for the perfect job for you. We look at finding jobs in a wide range of areas such as sales and account management, marketing and brand management. We also have sales and marketing recruitment in Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire.

Use these signs to discover if you’re in the right job!

  • Co-workers and managers respect your private life

Commitments in your private life such as holidays or weddings should be respected. If you are going on holiday, your managers should allow you time off work.

  • How do you feel about Monday’s?

On Sunday’s do you look forward to going to work? Or would you rather go somewhere else? We believe you should wake up and look forward to the day ahead of you and be proud of your job.

  • Ideas you provide are welcomed and listened to

In meetings when you make suggestions and ideas, managers and co-workers take them on board and value what you are saying.  

  • Do you enjoy doing what your job role requires you?

You want to be waking up each morning and be excited to go to work. You should be excited and interested in what you are doing allowing you to give your all.

  • Do you feel energised?

Going into work feeling ready for the day. You’re happy, focused and productive at work. Your list of tasks is nothing to you, and you can work through it during the day without hassle or losing motivation.

  • Are you learning new skills?  

In your job, you should always be learning. There will always be something extra you can learn at work whether it’s a life skill or an area of your job that you can improve upon.